We Are In Danger

Book of Endangered Animals

Disappearance of each animal species, is a dagger in the heart of wildlife and a threat to the continuum of life on earth. There are more than 16 thousand species threatened with extinction, with almost 200 new species joining this list every year. Extinctions are a natural part of evolutionary processes, but the current extinction crisis is unique, in that the loss of biodiversity is occurring very rapidly, and the causes of the crisis are the activities of a single species: human beings. We all have the responsibility to protect these endangered species, both for their sake and for the sake of the future of the world. And the first step is to raise public awareness of the situation and call for action. This book is an alphabetical list of 26 endangered animals, one animal for each letter of alphabet, collaged with pictures of different habitats and desaturated pictures of the animals to emphasis the fact that they are fading away.

Soroush Nowbakht